Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy can help family members improve communication, resolve family conflicts, and create a better functioning home environment. Families aren’t just made up of biological relatives – but can include untraditional and blended families, adoptive and foster families, grandparents, co-parents or other longterm caregivers. Anyone seeking healthier, closer family relationships can benefit from family therapy.

Common reasons for seeking family therapy include:

  • Divorce or separation
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Problems between siblings
  • Impact of a physical illness or mental health problem on the whole family
  • The unexpected or traumatic loss of a family member

Problems within the family can affect all family members. Studies show that family therapy is especially helpful for families with members who struggle with substance abuse, eating disorders, and other behavioral issues. Family therapy can include all family members or just the ones who are able and willing to participate, and usually involves 12 sessions or less. Family therapy can’t always make a problem go away (divorce, chronic illness, personality differences). But it can give family members new skills to get through difficult situations in healthier ways.

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